Interior design and visualizations – two ways that truly inspire and admire me.

What does interior design mean for me? Which aspects are really important when creating an interior? Interior design is very refined and harmonious connection of a space and a man, which reflects the personality and features of a family. It is important to create a comfortable, convenient, cosy and quiet place, where you feel safe, where you want to live and return again and again. In my projects, I aim to form convivial and practical interior design that suits all the needs of a client by employing my rich experience, creativity and the power of 3D visualization.

When creating an interior I always collaborate with my true friend – 3D visualization – the kind of three-dimensional computer graphics that is photorealistic and physically correct. It enables realistically represent the interior or exterior and their elements in 3D space. It also allows estimating ideas before their implementation. The usage of 3D visualization helps to avoid mistakes, to make the right decision, to save financial and time resources, to construct a plan and consistent scheme of project implementation.

All the advantages of 3D visualizations listed above are very useful for clients, interior designers and architectures. Huge experience, practice, and perseverance let me achieve such level of mastership - You can check it here.

I’m truly glad that You are reading about me and my activity.

I’ll be really happy to meet new people and to get new challenges.

Warm regards,

Olga Filatova