3D visualization

I create images of interior or architecture projects that are only under development.

Just imagine, you can see the photorealistic concept of your project in details before it will be implemented.

3D visualization is a powerful and important tool for clients as well as for interior designers and architects.

3D visualization:

  • Helps designers and architects to create particular interior design project;
  • Allows precisely represent the project and attractively demonstrate it;
  • Helps to avoid area planning mistakes and choose the most suitable and comfortable interior design.

When creating a 3D visualization of the future interior I seek to reflect atmosphere, mood, materials, coloring and lights realistically as much as possible. Moreover, I‘m very attentive to details and wishes of the clients.

Remember, if the goal is visualized, it means that the way of it achievement becomes shorter several times!

You can find and jugde examples of my works here.

Interior design

A harmonious and successful interior project first of all begins from harmonious connection of art and precision. Precision is the most important and inseparable thing at every step of a project that enables ideas come true.

Here is the list of main stages when creating an interior design project:

  • To figure out visions, features, and preferences of a client;
  • Concept of style and colors definition;
  • Space zoning and furniture arrangement layouts;
  • 3D visualization;
  • Electric / lighting installation schemes;
  • Plumbing installation schemes;
  • Ceiling / flooring design schemes;
  • Furniture design and drawings;
  • Selection of finishes, lighting, furniture, textiles, and other interior elements.

*More detailed information about the progress of the project is discussed individually.