Interior design
Olga Filatova

Mindaugas Lapinskas

35 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


Designing this flat is rather an exception, as more and more often my projects are for houses with large areas.

The specifics of creating a project in such a small area is a very special one. It is important to start from scratch and use every square cm. That is why all the dismantling work was done on the existing partition walls from the builder, in order to plan the room as competently as possible.

The flat was intended for rent, and this was immediately taken into account in the choice of anti-vandal materials and furniture.  The proposed style is minimalism, clean lines, intertwining architectural forms, neutral, suitable for both male and female.

Particular attention was given to the smart layout. These solutions are endowed with a large number of convenient wardrobes, a table 1.2 m in diameter, a spacious kitchen, a comfortable, separate workplace, a cosy sleeping area with TV and also a well-thought-out bathroom with a full-fledged laundry room.  I would like to note the fact that the planned storages are camouflaged and look like architectural elements.

The zoning of the flat is also unique: all zones are partially connected to each other, and are viewed from a certain angle, while leaving privacy. Such a trick makes it possible to extend the visible boundaries considerably.

As always, I pay a lot of attention to lighting and different scenarios. But believe me, it’s worth it! Being on 35 square metres you get lost in the space.

As a result, an amazing, thoughtful, functional and simply beautiful project!