Interior design
Olga Filatova

117 m2

Riga / Latvia


I like to work on projects from a blank slate, but there are other situations where you need to adapt to some given, but create something completely new.

This project is a redesign/reconstruction of a 117 sqm flat in Riga, Latvia.

The previous design solutions did not satisfy the clients, so they decided to reconstruct.

The following goals were defined: to increase the functionality in all rooms, to increase the availability of storage space, to change the interaction of zones and to bring a new atmosphere.

The difficulty was that we were already tied to the existing layout and some elements that need to be competently fit into the new interior: for example, floors, partially kitchen, fireplace. Also the unusual geometric shapes of the flat in the form of a semicircle made the solutions more complicated.

For example, in the room where the kitchen, dining room and TV zone are located, a new bundle of functional zones was built: the central part of the whole composition is occupied by a large round table, on the right hand by the kitchen, which was supplemented with new high modules, and on the left hand by the TV zone and a comfortable sofa. The structure on which the TV is placed seems to mirror the tall kitchen modules. The whole composition is very symmetrical and feels natural.

The office, on the other hand, was designed from scratch. The only tie-in was a large comfortable desk, which the clients wished to keep. There were provided spacious shelves for books, documents, places for storing guitars and a place for an electronic piano.

Great attention was also given to updating the bedroom.  Thanks to wall panels as a headboard, illumination, mirrors, competent composition, we received a completely new, cosy, comfortable place of rest.

The project was carefully thought out, a significant re-planning and redesign was made to meet all the numerous requests of the clients.