Interior design
Olga Filatova

Mindaugas Lapinskas

44 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


The interior of the new-build 44 sqm apartment was designed for a young, energetic couple who value functionality, order and balance in their lives and the space they were preparing to live in.

Minimalism, straight lines, brutality in the solutions and choice of materials were close to what they wanted and liked. The brief and requirements for this relatively compact space were: a spacious kitchen, a large dining table that could accommodate a large group of guests, a bedroom with a large bed, a comfortable TV area and additional sleeping places for guests, a separate work desk – a home office, and ample wardrobes and cupboards to store their belongings and clothes. And of course the feeling of space and light!

When working with a small space, one should understand exactly where one loses square meters, where space is more important and where it is not, and balance the space accordingly. I know the value of every square centimeter. The decision to scrap the existing layout and create a new one was unequivocal. Only the kitchen was ” tied” – I didn’t want to change it.

The new layout clearly separates only the bedroom and bathroom area. All the others seem to intertwine with each other to create a large, functional composition. Large blocks are the attributes of a spacious room, so by adding one to a smaller room, we have the feeling of a larger room. All the more so as the composition provides a lot of storage space – hidden, minimalist cupboards that look like architectural blocks.

The checkered glass partition is a central, eye-catching, brutal and drastic solution that allowed us to combine and divide the zones at the same time, creating a sense of light and space. The glass partition has sliding parts: the entrance and a part that can be moved to watch TV (living room) while lying in bed.

The bedroom wardrobe is moved behind the partition and combined with the large hallway wardrobe. The fronts of this wardrobe composition are mirrored – with minimalist knobs – and look like a clean mirrored wall, and this is another solution that has led to a significant increase in the sense of space.

A lot of attention has been paid to the lighting – the apartment has several lighting scenarios: from bright lighting to very cozy and relaxing lighting. I think it’s very important to have this choice. Lighting is a powerful tool to visually enlarge a room.

The choice of color palette is a combination of grey, white, black with accents of natural blue and green.

The moss composition is a wish of the owners that has successfully found its place in the overall composition.

The challenge was difficult, but the result is surprising – we got a lovely, cosy, functional and very comfortable interior in a 44 sqm apartment that makes the owners happy every day.