Interior design
Olga Filatova

52 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


A small flat of 52 sqm in a new neighbourhood in the historical district of Vilnius.

The goals were as follows: maximum functionality, sense of space.

Preferences in style and sense of colour: calm, masculine, unpretentious minimalism, light colours and brave combinations.

Zones to be provided: hallway area, 2 m x 2 m sleeping space, separate bike storage, kitchen, dining area, TV area and workspace, preferably by the window.

In order to implement all the zoning goals, we dismantled the existing partitions from the builder.

The project was given a lot of attention to planning and working with space: shapes, volumes working on the expansion and illusion of space, transforming zones, flowing one into another.

For example, the zone of rest and sleep can be separated from the common zone with the help of a sliding partition from ADL brand.

The design of this flat is brutal and light at the same time. Large tiles that remind natural graphite stone on the walls, mirrors that allow to visually expand the boundaries.

Vertical lines and shapes can be found everywhere in the project: in the form of partition elements, columns, elongated forms of furniture and lamps.

There are no horizontal surfaces so that it is easy to keep clean.

The project took a lot of effort to realise.