Project stages

I offer comprehensive interior design services.
A successful interior project begins first and foremost with the right combination of art and precision.
Precision is the most important and inseparable thing in every step of a project that allows the realization of ideas.
Here is the list of the most important steps in the creation of an interior design project:

  • Meeting and briefing. Finding out the client’s vision, features and preferences. Familiarizing the client with the work process;
  • Construction site departure for professional measurements;
  • Determining the style and colors;
  • Interior design and layout proposals;
  • Creating a 3D model based on the selection;
  • Preparing the working documentation;
  • Selection of finishes, lighting, furniture, textiles and other interior elements.

Working documentation

  • Construction site measurement plan
  • Walls and partitions plan
  • Furniture layout plan
  • Ceiling’s plan
  • Flooring layout plan
  • Doorway’s plan
  • Plumbing equipment plan
  • Lighting equipment plan
  • Electric plan, with switches, regulators, and outlets
  • Tile layout plan
  • Selection of finishes, lighting, furniture, textiles and other interior elements.

Expanding interiors with the help of architecture

The connection between interior design and architecture is inseparable. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to act as the author of an architectural idea or to influence the creation of an architectural project, I do it with great pleasure.  An interior designed in parallel with architecture gives the opportunity to create a truly unique, functional, maximally reflecting you and satisfying all your dreams.

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