Olga Filatova

Baltoji Vokė / Lithuania


Work on the exterior part of architecture and the planning of the surrounding area is often very unusual for interior designers and is carried out by other specialists.

However, for me, the interior is inextricably linked to the exterior and the architecture itself.  If it is possible to influence the appearance of the building and the surrounding area, I expand the work on the design project to include work on the exterior part. It is this approach that makes it possible to create a truly holistic and unique project.

This holistic approach was applied in the work on the VOKĖ project.

The architectural project, according to which the house was built, did not include the organisation of the territory around the house.

So, I presented the following solutions:

– Selection, distribution of finishing materials and colour volumes on the facades of the building. The materials, porcelain stoneware, were chosen with great responsibility.

– A new element appeared in the form of massive lamellas, which not only emphasised the beauty of the architecture, but also brought a certain functionality – sunlight diffusion and greater privacy.

– I re-designed the podiums, pavers, stairs, lawns, driveway and fence. Also, a seating area with lounges. All these elements are closely interconnected and form an unbreakable composition.

– The exterior lighting of the house and the lighting on the territory was also thought out in detail.

– Landscaping. This is an important and integral part of the exterior composition, so we also had to pay enough attention here. Everything on the territory is quite laconic, but thought out in detail. The newly laid lawns are part of the composition, both in conjunction with the fence and the paths / stairs near the house. Everything looks very natural and balanced.

– The layout of the terrace is also well thought out and organised. This is how the spacious, luxurious sofa and table from the TRIBU brand came to be. This furniture composition meets the wishes of the clients to the maximum and looks very effective from the inside of the house.

In this way, the exterior “came” into the interior, and a deliberate multi-layering appeared. The result is impressive and pleases both me and the clients.