Interior design
Olga Filatova

76 m2

Aberdeen, Scotland


The owner of a previously outdated bar in Aberdeen, Scotland, asked for a new, dignified, cosy and inviting venue.

The 76 square metre venue was envisaged as a gastrobar and the tasks were set out as follows:

Several types of zoning: a comfortable, relaxed, and universal at the same time seating group for gastronomy, a seating area with high tables and a bar area.

It was also important to keep the existing solid natural wood bar countertops and the bar area itself, but at the same time to update and integrate everything into the new interior.

And of course, the maximum, rational and competently arranged number of seats.

There were no special requirements regarding stylistic directions, but it was important to build a decent, stylish, confident interior, in which it is pleasant, cosy and relaxed.

It should be noted that the premises are located in an old building in Aberdeen, which, as it turned out, there is not a single right angle! And in the centre of the ceiling there was a beam overhanging more than 0,5 m, which could not be removed. All this was complemented by some vertical constructions in the form of columns living a specific life, and also without the right to demolish.

Believe me, there were a lot of emotions and surprises! And the more complicated tasks were built, the more interest grew!

I wanted to incorporate into the interior an idea that would fit naturally into the location, where this restaurant is located.

This was the idea behind the old viaduct bridges in Scotland! These constructions with mirrors helped to solve the problems with the massive beams in the centre of the room, masking it in a natural way and at the same time creating uniqueness and lightness. All other architectural elements were incorporated to conceal the existing ones and to give a layered, voluminous play.

The colours and materials also support the idea as much as possible: a play of grey tones in the form of stone, decorative plaster, with the addition of deep blue, cosy, magical velour, natural oak on the wall.

The floor near the bar is highlighted by a separate covering in the form of a Scottish cage. This gives the possibility of delicate zoning, unconventionality and reference to the traditions of Scotland.

Great attention was given to lighting, which creates a cosy, warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The result is amazing!

The interior turned out to be very characteristic, self-sufficient, thoughtful and cosy!

Now this place is very popular and I am proud of the work done!