Interior design
Olga Filatova

197 m2

Avižieniai / Vilnius / Lithuania


Usually the sequence in the “architecture – interior” relation is as follows: first the architecture, then the interior. In this case it was the other way round.

The clients approached me at the stage of approving the architectural design of the house. Having discussed and clarified all the needs of a large family of five and frequent guests, I proposed to change the architecture of the house. The new project was based on the maximum allowable building area. A difficult and interesting way began.

Taking into attention all the requests and wishes, the work was going on in parallel: thinking through the interior, functional zones, composition and architectural part. The architecture was built around the future interior, so as to use every square cm with maximum care and functionality. In this way, a completely new house design was created, which was further confirmed by the architects.

The interior uses a lot of clean, vertical lines and shapes. A real unique decoration, carrying a functional load, is a staircase partition made of metal according to the drawings I provided.

Storage spaces are disguised and resemble architectural compositions.

Competent integration of mirrors allows to emphasis volumes in the right way and create interesting visual effects, expanding the space.

In addition to architectural and compositional solutions, much attention was given to the selection of materials and shades. Despite the calmness of the color scheme, the colors are quite complex, dusty, with undertones of grey. Creation of such delicate color compositions is very challenging.

A lot of effort and energy was given, but I am proud of the result!