Interior design
Olga Filatova

68 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


This design project for a dental clinic was full of challenges, unconventional solutions and puzzles.

The total area of the premises consists of only 68 sqm. on which two working offices, a reception area, a rest room for the staff, a lavatory and a technical room were envisaged.

Stylistics, was chosen futuristic, mixed with modern. We wanted something that refers to technology, stylishness and focus.

The project uses a lot of non-standard, curvilinear shapes, a lot of mirrors and reflective surfaces to create the illusion of space. The lighting and backlighting is very well thought out.

There are vertical lines everywhere, which visually raise the low ceiling: in the decorative wall panels, lamps models, the shape of furniture.

The colour scheme is quite complex. There is no pure white colour in the interior! The accent colour spot is a bunch of deep blue and grey colours: a large-sized Azul tile, which welcomes the visitors and a custom-made sofa.

Great attention was given to the competent arrangement and designing of furniture – all furniture is custom-made according to individual drawings. Also, volumes, geometry, choice of materials and lighting, which allowed to implement all the necessary requests on a small area and create the illusion of a larger space and cleanliness.

The project is now implemented! It is very interesting, pleasant and comfortable. Everywhere there is a connection and logic in the shapes and chosen solutions.