Interior designer
Olga Filatova

376 m2

Baltoji Vokė / Lithuania


Looking ahead, remembering the long, interesting, full of challenges way, I cannot hide the overflowing positive emotions, the joy of the work done and pride for the amazing result!

This is a one-storey house in Modern style, 376 sqm. The architectural project was approved and our meeting with the clients took place at the stage of already erected walls.

“Brutality, massiveness, unconventionality, materials – bronze, leather, wood and stone, naturalness…”. – these were the initial sketches of the clients. The task was to create a charismatic interior that fulfils many needs and wishes, reflects the character of all members of the family of four, comfortable interior, with an emphasis on natural materials.  It was also important to find solutions that would link the interior and the architecture of the house so that the project would be perceived as a whole.

The project is based on a strong stylistic idea. The wishes of the clients were taken into account and tied together!

Great attention was paid to a clear, harmonious composition and a balanced distribution of volumes and shapes. The compositions of the individual zones are interesting both individually and as a whole. The feeling of multi-layered and multifaceted space was created.

Each room in the house was built and thought out as a separate sub-project. Each of them is unique and carries their specific meanings, functionality and character. However, all of them are closely connected with each other both by compositional and stylistic logic.

The interior uses furniture both from well-known brands and specially designed for this project in order to create an overall unbreakable composition and maximize functionality. Models of famous brands were also chosen with great responsibility and respect for forms. In the bedroom, for example, the focal point of the composition is the chic, sculpture-like “Mamy Blue” bed by Poltrona Frau. All other solutions in the bedroom play an “accompaniment” role. The “respect” of the components of the interior for each other can be traced everywhere: nothing draws attention to itself, nothing argues, everything works coherently and harmoniously.

Lighting in an interior is the most powerful tool, and skillful mastery of this tool can create miracles and change the perception of space.  In this project a lot of effort and attention was devoted to light and its various scenarios. In this interior there are a lot of hidden light sources, the purpose of which is to emphasis the shapes, texture, color of the material, to redirect the focus and create an ambience.

The project can be called very tactilely – pleasant: natural oak plank, with clearly emphasized wood texture.  Also, marble, active and delicate at the same time, its pronounced pattern was carefully selected to create asymmetrical, lively, and large-scale artistic strokes in the composition. Stoneware on the floor, tactilely reminiscent of natural warm stone. Delightful lighting from Brokis, made of bronze-coloured glass.