Interior design
Olga Filatova

75 m2

Riga / Latvia


This small cottage with an area of 75 sqm occupies two floors and is located in a green and quiet neighbourhood of Riga.

The aim of the project was maximum functionality, convenience, lightness and a feeling of spaciousness. The clients wanted to create a cosy, calm interior with classical elements, natural materials and its own unique character.

The zones that had to be competently planned are: spacious kitchen, dining area, TV zone, aquarium, separate workplace, library, bedroom, dressing room and two full bathrooms.

In order to achieve these goals, the cottage was completely re-planned and the existing partitions were removed. Also the staircase and boiler units, which were originally planned for the kitchen area.

The design and direction of the staircase was completely changed in order to visually integrate the under-stair space with the wardrobe area. In this way, the entire boiler system “left” the kitchen

area and was placed under the staircase. Thanks to mirrored fronts, this construction became very light and airy.

The aquarium has taken centre stage and has become a real interior decoration, thereby creating a naturally airy zoning.

I would like to pay attention to the organisation of the master bedroom: it has an elongated rectangular shape and is located under a pitched roof. Thanks to a very complex slatted partition, a spacious wardrobe and TV area have been arranged. Thus, without overloading the space, making it airy and layered.

Careful attention was given to the selection of finishing materials and colours. The bright representative of the entire complex combination is a chic and bold natural stone mosaic.

All the furniture was thought out in detail and customised according to the drawings I provided.