Interior design
Olga Filatova

136 m2

Molėtai / Lithuania


Timber houses are sometimes referred to as “living” houses. And it’s true. It is a pleasure to be there, and creating an interior for such a houses is like touching nature.

However, it is important to consider the physical features of timber buildings – the constant shrinkage of the timber, which affects the furniture and finishing solutions.  It is also important to consider the too active line-pattern of the walls and the additional volume of rooms under the pitched roof.

The main aim of the interior for this estate was to emphasis the natural, solid timber and its unique beauty, while not allowing it to “drown out” other elements of the interior with its activity. It was also important to provide storage space and convenient zoning.

Special attention was given to the overall composition. The furniture is designed and arranged so that everything intertwines naturally and does not contradict each other.

The coloring is light, dusty, with elements of darker wood accentuating the door portals and floor. Great care was taken to preserve the texture of the timber.

The stylistics combines elements of classic and Provence.