Interior design
Olga Filatova

112 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


This project is the case when creating something new, it is important to take care of the existing data and to integrate it competently into the new design.

The flat was purchased by my clients with a heritage in the form of heavy and “rich” classics at the junction of 90-00 years. It was decided to reconstruct everything, but giving a second life to some pearls in the form of a chic classic kitchen set of Italian factory, fireplace and curved shapes of the bathroom. Also chic ceiling mouldings we wanted to fit into the future interior.

Classical style was preferred in the interior, but more light, airy with clean and simplified forms.

The new layout and convenient zoning were carefully designed.

Chic furniture from the Poltrona Frau and Longhi factories shone in the project.

Unusual lighting fixtures have been selected.

The kitchen set was carefully restored.

Much attention was given to the placement of wall mouldings, it was important to select the composition, and delicately play with the walls.

There is a delicate connection in the forms: a lot of roundness, which can be observed in the models of upholstered furniture, lamps, tables, and composition!

A very unusual, bold, quite complex solution is the painting on the lowered part of the ceiling in the bedroom.

The colouristic is light, taupe, powdered and quite complex shades. Marble, wood, metal in the form of gold are present in the interior.  There is also ornamentation, which can be observed on cushions, lamps and on the facades of custom-made furniture.

The work on the project required a lot of effort, attention, energy, but the result is exciting!