Interior design
Olga Filatova

111 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


This design project is based on a fascination with natural motifs in the rocky areas of southern Spain, there is a lot of grey – warm stone, greenery and flowering shrubs in the colour “tinto”. Where tranquillity and calmness reigns.

The client liked the concept very much.

A great deal of attention and effort was given to the substantial redesign of the house.

The aim was to maximise the use of space and to provide the necessary areas for a comfortable and convenient life.

For example, this is how the massive column-shaped structure was created. This architectural element managed to solve functional tasks: we got a niche for high kitchen modules, partially hid the kitchen set, and on the other hand got a comfortable TV zone and made the space more sophisticated.

In the general composition vertical lines, regular shapes and big strokes are traced.

The interior bravely uses large textured tiles for walls. Warm wood on the floor balances the strictness of stone.

Thoughtful and multi-layered lighting is also an inseparable part of my interiors.