Interior design
Olga Filatova

75 m2

Vilnius / Lithuania


The cottage with an area of 75 sqm is located in a beautiful new neighborhood of Vilnius and occupies two floors.

The main bright and bold decorative element in this project is the image of a tree in monochrome color in the largest possible scale for the room.

The existing partitions in the cottage were dismantled to make the new layout optimal for the client.

All zones are planned in such a way as to visually maximize the feeling of space, flowing smoothly into each other.

Great attention was also given to the design of the furniture: all furniture is designed to balance the shapes of the room, create depth, layering and, of course, to provide functional storage spaces.

Of particular interest is the organization of the bedroom in a small area: a comfortable bed is placed on a podium, the walls are decorated with large-scale soft wall panels, there is a spacious wardrobe and, at the client’s request, a wide window sill, on which you can comfortably sit with a book.

The project is based on calm, natural colors and shapes.