Interior design
Olga Filatova

Mindaugas Lapinskas

PC Vilniaus Akropolis

Vilnius / Lithuania


The project involved the creation of a retail point – an island in “PC Vilniaus Akropolis”, for the company “Spalvoti Kvapai”, engaged in the production and sale of natural cosmetics.
There was a very large number of extremely small and diverse goods: jars, bottles, soap bars, etc. The design of the island had to be thought out in such a way that all the goods would be favorably presented for convenient and logical viewing, and also to provide for places of storage, cashier’s office and convenient workplace. The task was non-standard and not easy!
I deeply developed and presented the design and construction of the island. The island turned out to be very comfortable, spacious, cozy, perfectly fitting into the general color, reflecting the main message of the company about the naturalness of the goods.
Now implemented project successfully takes its place of honor in the shopping center, pleasing the owner and visitors!